UX Writer

UX Writers advocate for Google design and help shape product experiences by crafting copy that helps users complete the task at hand.

They set the tone for content and drive cohesive product narratives across multiple platforms and touchpoints. As our resident wordsmiths, they work with a variety of UX design-related jobs including researchers, product managers, engineers, marketing, and customer operations to help establish connective language and a unified voice.

Emily Luthra, UX Writer

Q: What is the most interesting project you’ve worked on at Google?
A: Material design

Q: What advice would you have for other writers?
A: Tell stories within a relatable context, at a cadence that is easy to read, in a positive and engaging tone. The better you explain an idea, the more time it gives readers to use that information to make a positive impact on the world with their creations.

Help solve problems by figuring out all the variables involved, and describe them with brevity and clear actions. Come prepared with expertise beyond writing. Learn the basics of design, information architecture, or frontend development. Understand the gestalt that informs the content you’re creating.

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